SHOT Show 2015: Oakley Introduces Tombstone Eyewear for Range Shooting


Oakley Standard Issue (SI), a division of Oakley, introduced the Oakley SI Tombstone eyeshield at the SHOT Show, where shooters attending the range day were able to try it out. Developed for the needs of competitive shooters, the eyeshield combines years of development with the Military and advanced optical engineering to solve the shortcomings of traditional shooting glasses. The Oakley SI Tombstone eyeshield provides a wider, unobstructed field of view, rapid lens exchange, and Oakley’s Prizm lens tint technology to help shooters increase contrasts between targets and surrounding environments.

The development of Tombstone started with identifying problems that professional shooters were having with their current eyewear. Oakley worked closely with several professional shooters and began by addressing the field of view challenges. The shooters stated limitations with traditional frame profiles and obstruction of view while acquiring a proper sight picture and poor peripheral vision.

Extensive research was conducted using a 60Hz eye tracking system designed by Sensomotoric Instruments Inc. (SMI). The eye tracker precisely gauges and records eye position and movement in real time scenarios and was developed with more than 100,000 test participants. The data captured allowed Oakley to see that the upper periphery of the lens is critical in providing the visual field shooters need for performance and safety. The Tombstone eyeshield maximizes the lens zone for an expanded field of view. Tombstone expands the zone to a full 120-degree view. It utilizes breakthroughs in Oakley frame design, as well as the patented technologies of High Definition Optics to ensure razor-sharp clarity at every angle of vision.

Another challenge with conventional shooting eyewear is swapping out lenses. Traditional eyewear lens exchange can leave lenses with smudges that compromise sighting. With Tombstone, a single release trigger allows users to quickly change the lens without ever touching the lens front. The new lens locks into place similar to inserting a magazine into a weapon.

Critical to the performance of Tombstone is the Oakley Prizm lens. Prizm technology strategically blocks specific wavelengths of light that interfere with vision while emphasizing the parts of the color spectrum where the eye is most sensitive to detail in specific environments. The end result is a perfectly tuned contrast that makes targets stand out against foliage, dirt and the sky.

Oakley SI Tombstone eyeshields:

  • Meet or exceed impact and optical requirements per ANSI Z87.1 2003/2010
  • Lenses block 100% of UVA/UVB & harmful blue light up to 400 nm wavelength
  • Have advanced anti-fog coating and hard coating for scratch resistance
  • Are composed of Plutonite, Oakley’s high purity optical-grade polycarbonate

Tombstone lenses come in two cuts: Reap (larger profile) and Spoil (slightly smaller coverage) and a variety of lens tints. Tombstone glasses will be available on in Spring 2015.

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