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Saxx Underwear – Innovation in Every Pair

Every pair of SAXX underwear houses our patented BallPark™ Pouch construction that makes them the most comfortable, high-performance underwear ever made. The BallPark™ Pouch, Three-D Fit™ and Flat Out Seams™ combine to give you the room you need, while preventing unwanted friction. Each pair also features a Moisture Wicking Waistband that keeps you dry when the temperature rises. Lastly, we use a wide range of cutting edge, technical fabrics, each with a specific feature to enhance your wearing experience.



Experience Saxx Underwear at Ginza Boutique


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So many Unique and different styles available!

Come and check Jansport at Ginza Boutique @.@


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In your world, fashion and functions are one. Weather is getting cold and it is the time to comfort and warm up your feet.

Sorel is designed for all conditions!



Come and check Sorel boots at Ginza Boutique!

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Sanita, The Original Danish Clogs!


Introducing THE most Comfortable shoes, Sanita!


In 1907, a visionary and our founder, Christian Meldgaard Andersen, created our first pair of Sanita hand carved wooden clogs. Shortly after opening his first shop Christian set out on his bicycle to spread his dream and transform Sanita into what it is known today. Over 100 years later, we still handcraft every single clog with the same tradition, craftsmanship, and passion in our own factories in Europe. We continue to maintain our position as a leader in comfort footwear with the addition of our fashionable comfort collections with our global partnerships. Today Sanita can be found in over 50 countries and continues to provide our famous all day comfort. And you thought our shoes couldn’t get any cozier – well they just did.

Come and Check Sanita Clogs at Ginza Boutique!!!


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Summer is over, Back to School and Work!

Ginza is introducing Timbuk2!

Timbuk2 is a San Francisco original. We were founded in a San Francisco garage in 1989 by a bike messenger named Rob Honeycutt and have continuously manufactured in the city’s Mission District ever since.

Rob made products that served his needs as a messenger, but it was never that simple. He had huge drive, a knack for brand, and an obsession with just-in-time manufacturing. Timbuk2 brought customization to the masses, selling custom messengers to bike shops in the 90’s and launching the first online customizer in 1999. Our product offering has grown to include luggage and laptop bags, but the made in San Francisco custom messenger, using materials sourced worldwide, remains our iconic style and the heart and soul of our company.



Come and check Timbuk2 at Ginza Boutique!


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Get Ready for Winter and Comfort

We are So happy to Have Emu at Ginza!

EMU invests heavily in innovation and design – embracing natural materials, craftsmanship and quality, to create world-leading footwear.




Prepare this winter with Emu Australia!!


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Introducing Biolite!!

Bring Energy Everywhere with Biolite products that cook, charge and light your life off the Grid!


Come and check Biolite at Ginza Boutique!!

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Blunt Umbrella

Ginza is so happy to have Blunt Umbrella at the store!!

download (1)

Different Design and Beautiful Colors. 




So many different colors to choose from!



Come and Check your favorite Blunt Umbrella at Ginza Boutique!

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2016 Fall Atlanta Shoe Show

Ginza was at ATL Shoe Show!

So many great brands and style.

Can’t wait to have them at Ginza!

KakaoTalk_20160823_112002142 KakaoTalk_20160823_111943954 KakaoTalk_20160823_111939133 KakaoTalk_20160823_111933756 KakaoTalk_20160823_111931460 KakaoTalk_20160823_111916223 KakaoTalk_20160823_111923231

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Las Vegas Magic Show!

Ginza was at Last Vegas to attend the Magic Show!

We were so excited to see so many unique and awesome brands and designs.


Can wait to have them at Ginza!


KakaoTalk_20160817_145401862 KakaoTalk_20160817_145404586 KakaoTalk_20160817_145408435 KakaoTalk_20160817_145411663 KakaoTalk_20160817_145416549 KakaoTalk_20160817_145423958 KakaoTalk_20160817_145503894

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