2015 Outdoor Gear oh the Show – The North Face


Gear of the Show Scoured the Floors of Winter OR and SIA 2015 in search of the coolest gear for their coveted Gear of the Show awards. And these 2 products from The North Face are one of the top picks from Gear of the Show 2015.

The North Face Modulator ABS


Inflatable avalanche airbag packs, designed to keep the wearer on top of the snow if he gets caught in a slide, are becoming a mandatory part of the backcountry quiver. While they work great, the airbags are also permanently built into the pack: if you want a small avy pack for short excursions and a larger one for longer trips, you have to buy two different packs. Enter the North Face’s Modulator, the first-ever avalanche airbag system that converts any backpack into a potentially lifesaving ABS avy airbag pack.

Read more about the Modulator ABS.

The North Face Ultra Lite WP Jacket


A short-sleeved waterproof-breathable jacket? Seriously? Yes, seriously. Some of our staff were a bit dubious about the real-world functionality of the Ultra Lite, but anyone who has run long distances in cold rain knows that doing so in even the most breathable hard shell can often suck: you steam up the inside quickly and your sweat tends to pool in the crook of the arms and elbows.

Read more about the Ultra Lite WP jacket.

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