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Blunt Umbrella

Ginza is so happy to have Blunt Umbrella at the store!!

download (1)

Different Design and Beautiful Colors. 




So many different colors to choose from!



Come and Check your favorite Blunt Umbrella at Ginza Boutique!

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2016 Fall Atlanta Shoe Show

Ginza was at ATL Shoe Show!

So many great brands and style.

Can’t wait to have them at Ginza!

KakaoTalk_20160823_112002142 KakaoTalk_20160823_111943954 KakaoTalk_20160823_111939133 KakaoTalk_20160823_111933756 KakaoTalk_20160823_111931460 KakaoTalk_20160823_111916223 KakaoTalk_20160823_111923231

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Las Vegas Magic Show!

Ginza was at Last Vegas to attend the Magic Show!

We were so excited to see so many unique and awesome brands and designs.


Can wait to have them at Ginza!


KakaoTalk_20160817_145401862 KakaoTalk_20160817_145404586 KakaoTalk_20160817_145408435 KakaoTalk_20160817_145411663 KakaoTalk_20160817_145416549 KakaoTalk_20160817_145423958 KakaoTalk_20160817_145503894

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Back to School!!

Now, it’s back to school season.

Visit Ginza to see what you’ll like for the school back pack!




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Ginza at OR show!

Ginza Boutique was At Outdoor Retail Show in Utah from 8/2-8/5.

The show was amazing!

We would like to share the vibe of the show with you guys!



KakaoTalk_20160804_152623336 KakaoTalk_20160804_152621403 KakaoTalk_20160804_152625033 KakaoTalk_20160804_152619285 KakaoTalk_20160803_140346390 KakaoTalk_20160803_140346390 KakaoTalk_20160803_140344218 KakaoTalk_20160803_140342323 KakaoTalk_20160803_140340991 KakaoTalk_20160803_140339086


We are located in 72 Upper Alabama St. SW, Atlanta, GA 30303.


Come at check us out!!

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Rainbow Sandals


Don’t forget to put Rainbow on your feet this Summer!



Come check Rainbow Sandals at Ginza Boutique!

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Mad Rock Climbing


Refinement of an existing design can often be as labor intensive as creating an all-new one. Yet instead of making new models for the sake of making new models, for 2016 Mad Rock is committed to making subtle but definite running improvements to our existing shoe models and offering a variety of new features, colors and options to our increasingly popular hardware and accessory lines. Mad Rock’s goal from the start has been to offer the most sophisticated designs and materials at a fair price, and now more than ever our message of value, quality, durability and climbing enjoyment rings true – so much so that our competitors are increasingly following our lead. We always thought that climbing should be enjoyed by everybody – and we aim to do that with the best gear at a fair price. For 2016 and beyond, Mad Rock is committed to offering you a great deal on the best equipment and back it up with the best customer service in the business.


Come and check out Mad Rock at Ginza Boutique!

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