Exped_Expedition Equipment


Blowing into your sleeping mat should be considered a last resort. Exped has a better way!

So let’s start with the obvious: yes, you can, technically, inflate your sleeping mat with lung power. And yes, it’s been done for decades. But those days should be in our past. Here’s why:

  • It’s no fun, especially at higher altitudes where every breath requires more work than at sea level
  • Air from lungs is drenched in vapor – check out each breath you exhale in cold air. Moisture!
  • Moisture (water) helps to grow things inside your mat. Those organisms growing on the inner surface of the mat don’t belong there
  • That same moisture can break down the very laminate (or coating in lower quality mats) that maintains an air tight seal

Fortunately, Exped has developed several superior alternatives to inflating a mat by lungs/mouth/breath.


Come and check Exped at Ginza Boutique!

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