The North Face Releases The Most Breathable Waterproof Jacket Ever Created


Tested and emphatically approved by The North Face ultrarunners, this jacket is guaranteed to keep you dry and active in the most harrowing conditions. Here’s what you need to know about The North Face HyperAir GTX Jacket:

1. This is the most breathable waterproof jacket The North Face has ever made
The North Face athlete Rob Krar: “While its highly effective waterproofness could easily lead it to be pigeonholed simply as a pricey “rain jacket”, it’s breathability can easily cover the work of two separate jackets, especially when used for high effort/high perspiration activities. The jacket breathed so well the other night on the mountain ski mountaineering that I didn’t feel the need to put on my puffy at the top of the mountain for the ski down, something I tend to do on all but the warmest of winter days. Despite 30mph+ speeds on the descent, I stayed warm enough to not regret my decision to forgo the puffy.”

2. The HyperAir GTX® permanently repels water 
Designed for bone-dry protection while running or training outdoors in the wettest weather, the HyperAir GTX® Jacket features an outer surface that permanently repels water.


Also, you can find new styles for Spring F16 in Ginza Boutique!

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