Treksta’s Hands Free Shoe Receives Two ISPO 2015 Gold Awards: Hiking-Trekking Outdoor Footwear and Asian Product of the Year


Available this summer, Treksta’s much anticipated, self-tying Hands Free 103 shoe received an unprecedented two Gold Awards at the recent ISPO show in Munich, Germany. Receiving a Gold Award for both Hiking-Trekking Outdoor Footwear and Asian Product of the Year, Treksta’s innovative Hands Free 103 shoe, in an attractive and athletic style, offers an entire population of users a new way to get out.

Ideal for individuals faced with challenges that make tying laces difficult, the Hands Free 103 offers a simple foot-activated lacing system that eliminates the need to bend down to put on, tighten or loosen shoes. Wearers use a simple backward motion of the foot to engage the small external roller at the heel to tighten the laces, and then step on the release touch lever to loosen the laces and open the tongue, for easy on and easy off.

The 2015 ISPO jury awarding the Hands Free its 2015 ISPO Gold Award for Hiking and Trekking Footwear in the Outdoor category, recognized the shoe’s simple brilliance: “A shoe that doesn’t need to be tied by hand? What a great invention… imagine people who are physically restricted. This innovation definitely has potential, and besides, this shoe offers all functions required for any condition in the outdoors. Well done.”

Also awarded the 2015 ISPO Gold Product of the Year Award for Asian Products, the new Hands Free was recognized for its ability to enable users to overcome potential obstacles to getting out and about, and the simplicity of its innovative hands-free lacing system.

The new Hands Free models, like the entire Treksta line, utilize Treksta’s NestFIT™ technology, recognized for providing an incredibly comfortable and supportive fit. The new Hands Free 103 also incorporates a breathable upper and a HyperGrip Ice Lock™ outsole for superior traction and added security on wet or icy surfaces.

According to Rob McCurdy, Treksta’s Director of Sales, “Treksta’s new Hands Free lacing is revolutionary for footwear. It is so easy to put on your shoes and get a secure fit without having to bend over or fumble with a lace, that it opens new opportunities for a wide range of users to be active.”

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